Load Requester/Provider


Flete App is helpful and intends to simplify the movement of goods by providing various choices and creating a transparent, reliable & time saving approach for transactions between load requester and transporters.

Customer can request load from any source location to destination location from anywhere by entering desired pickup and drop area with vehicle type, goods type, number of vehicle, your desire budget and loading date. Our verified transporter partners do bidding on your loads. Deal is carried out between you and suitable transporter as per Mutual Agreement and finalize the loads.

Our verified transporter partners will guarantee that your goods are shipped securely to the destination. You can monitor your trip in real time with live vehicle tracking and regular email/sms update from our MOBILE APP. When your goods are delivered, please provide your valuable feedback and share your experience. We will love to hear it. There are two way review system where client can review transporter and vehicle driver, transporter can review client.

Request Load

Request your Load details with source and destination location

Get Transporter

Discuss with transporters and compare their services and pricing

Finalize Loads

Finalize your loads as per mutual agreement by comparing multiple tranporters

Assign Vehicle

Transporter assign their vehicles to particular load to our verified drivers

Start Loading

Driver reach loads source location, load the goods and start loading trip

Track Goods

You can track your goods live location on google map through our Flete app

Goods Delivered

Congrats, your goods delivered successfully at your destination location

Give Reviews

If you like our service review our valued transporter and drivers



See our tutorial about how to use our Flete app. Signin in to our app, enter your details, enter your Load Request details and get transportation done on time.